Nonwovens for indoor use

Construction and environment

Protective and covering fleeces

medicine and hygiene

Functional nonwovens

New ways of seeing for better products

no innovations without inspiration. on the way to the best nonwovens and fiber composites for sophisticated end products, we look at the world from other angles and are inspired to come up with unusual solutions. we turn these ideas into what we call innovative fiber solutions through experience, knowledge and performance.

Our business areas

Cross-industry application fields

We deliver solutions for you and know what we are talking about.
We not only take care of product requirements, but above all of your processes.
In a joint intensive dialog, we develop holistic solution concepts.

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Materials for molded parts

Process aids

Fiber composites

Laminating nonwovens

Construction and environment

Covering fleeces

Protective fleeces

Suction fleeces

Separation fleeces


Wet and dry filtration

Milk filter fleeces

Medicine and hygiene

Suction fleeces

Laminating fleece

Personal Care

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